Unprecedented Demand - With more than 11,000 people turning 65 every day we operate in a $30 trillion market.

Start Part Time - No need to quit your J.O.B. Start slowly and transition over time.

Proven Plug & Play System - 100's of success stories from people just like you.

No Experience Required - Comprehensive training from the industry's best agency builders.

Proven Lead System

Fast Track Training

Marketing & Recruiting Support

Remote Sales

Work from Home

Be your own CEO

Incentive Trips

Ongoing Mentorship

Part Time / Full Time

Please watch our BRIEF corporate overview, and then book a time to speak with us

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By following these steps, we will equip you with everything you need to guide your clients through their life's journey

Four Steps to Success:

Step 1

Currently HAVE or be WILLING to acquire a life insurance license

Step 2

Educate yourself on life insurance products we offer

Step 3

Establish and maintain relationships with clients

Step 4

Create a life of true wealth and prosperity for you and your family

With the perfect mix of highly targeted leads + extensive product backing + hard work = $100k+ back to your and your family. STOP trading your time for hourly wages! Hourly wages = capped earning potential, financial pressure, passing up on traveling, driving old cars, not being able to afford school tuition, housing constraints...and most importantly HOURLY wages don't lead to long term LIFETIME HAPPINESS!

What future do you choose for you and your family? What's your LEGACY going to be?